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Get to know your neighbours this National Good Neighbour day

September 20th 2016
By: Melanie
Get to know your neighbours this National Good Neighbour day

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life it’s easy to over the look the value of having a good neighbour. We often hear older generations reminiscing about the past and how everyone used to work hard to look after each other in communities, and how that sense of community has been lost with modern day life. Some of it probably stems back to a time when women didn’t go out to work and had more time to emerge themselves in the neighbourhood. But making the most and getting to know your neighbours is really worth while, as they can be supportive - giving the odd cup of sugar, can keep an eye out for intruders and help you out whilst you are away on holiday.

So why not use this National Good Neighbour day being held on the 28th September 2016 to get to know your neighbours a bit better. One way would be to hold some early evening drinks. If you live in a close then quite often these tend to offer a great sense of community, organising evenings out and special street events. If you live in a village or town you could ask your local pub to hold a neighbour event, where all the locals participate and get to know each other a bit better. 

If you are interested in other annual events you could also encourage your community to get involved with The Big Lunch, a one day event where people can get to know their neighbours, for more information please follow this link.