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Get ready for summer – 14 day juicing diet

April 1st 2016
By: Melanie
Get ready for summer – 14 day juicing diet

It’s at this time of year that most of us will be planning our summer holiday, and part of this will be trying to lose some weight before heading to the beach or pool.  

There are so many diets, from the popular 5:2, to signing up to sliming companies, apps and so fourth, to just eating a healthy and balanced diet – the latter is probably the best way at keeping weight at bay long term, but if you are looking at shedding a few pounds quickly then the juicing diet could offer a weight loss boost.*

If you are not seen the Netflix series ‘Fat, sick and nearly dead’ it’s where Joe Cross, a morbidly obese man, with autoimmune disease goes on a diet of vegetable and fruit juice for 60 days, we’re not suggesting that anyone goes on a juicing diet for 60 days but he has shown that there has been some real healthy benefits and great weight loss by sticking at it for 14* days.

The best way to start a juicing diet is to make sure you buy a good juicer – The Independent’s Best Buy Juicer was L’Equip 215XL Juicer: £99, UK Juicers but if you are looking to spend half that amount they also recommend Panasonic MJDJ01: £45, from Amazon.

  • One of the most highly rated juicing diets is the 7 day fast juice plan - a typical breakfast juice on the plan would be
  •  2 Apples
  • 1 Cucumber
  • 1 cup Blueberries
  • 2 cups of Grapes
  • 2 Kale Leaves
  • 1″ Ginger

If you are interested in buying a recipe book full of juicing recipes then why not check out Joe’s recipe book.

*Always make sure you consult a Doctor before dramatically changing your diet.