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George Clarkson’S ‘Amazing Spaces’…

July 2nd 2014
By: Melanie

The third series of Channel 4’s George Clarkson’s Amazing Spaces is well under way, a programme show casing some of the most ingenious ways in which to create a useable space within the constraints of limited space.

In this series we have seen small spaces created from shipping containers, airstreams, coaches, as well as a multitude of creative Texan homes. Budget seems to be a hot subject in this series, as small space creative’s develop their small spaces on a budget, with one family designing a permanent living space from an airstream and recycled furniture for £15,000, which is on average half of the amount needed to put down as a deposit on a new home.

With the continued shift of people in the UK working from home, creating a small space in the garden seems to be on the increase. This week in the UK we celebrate National Shed week from the 1-6th July, and each year we seem to embrace this extension to our family home more and more.

With our growing needs to embrace this outside space either for a home office, potting shed, summer retreat shed manufacturers have filed this desire by offering us a huge choice of sheds, available in any colour, material and style.

If you have created your own unique space in your garden shed we would love to hear from you...