Gardening tips – how to achieve a low maintenance garden

April 25th 2016
By: Melanie
Gardening tips – how to achieve a low maintenance garden

Having to maintain a good looking garden for some homeowners is a bit of curse - especially if you don’t have any experience at gardening, or have a North facing garden, or just not enough time to maintain it. An ideal garden would be one that we can enjoy spending time in with the least amount of work.

Good Housekeeping magazine had a really interesting article this month ‘Your Ultimate Stress Free garden’. It suggests using shrubs and long performing perennials to give it structure, such as Euphorbia Characias, which flowers from February to June, then Madame Emile Mouilliere from the Hydrangea family, which flowers from May until December.

In England we seem to be obsessed by owning a well maintained lawn, but a nice looking lawn does need quite a bit of time spent on it; mowing, fertilizing, weeding, cutting the boarders. But there are quite a few alternatives to having a large patch of lawn such as having Thyme beds – Jekka’s Thyme - surrounded by gravel, artificial grass, wild flowers, or a mixture of all three.

GH also suggests using drought resistant plants in pots such as Echeverias, which are large, silver, lily shaped succulents, which can survive on very little watering. There are plenty of other types too but they do like a lot of direct sunlight.

A great way to keep down the weeds in a garden is to place a weed suppressing membrane on your boarders and then cover with either gravel or bark.

If you have a lot of trees in your garden then think about investing in a leaf blower or vacuum, these are really great, especially if you have trees which overhang large graveled areas, as they pick up all of the little bits, usually too hard to get up by hand.

Source: Good Housekeeping