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Fun To Make Easter Bunny Baskets

April 1st 2015
By: Acquarone

A great way to get creative with your children over the Easter period is to make your own Easter bunny baskets, they can be used in an Easter Egg hunt, or you can fill them up to decorate your home or use them as a gift to give to the Grandparents.

Here are three of our favourite child's basket making ideas from the Hallmark website, we have listed them in order of time and difficulty:

Feather Nest Easter basket, these are really effective and super easy to make

You will need:
* Basket with handle
* Spray paint (we used white)
* Feather boa (available at most crafts stores)
* Low-temp hot glue gun and glue sticks
* 2.5 cm marabou feather trim

Follow this link for the instructions:

Balloons by the Gallon Basket, these take around 1 hour to make but are a really good if your child likes to cut out and stick.

You will need Decorations template printout (see the below link)

* 4 litre plastic container, cleaned and dry
* Craft knife
* Low-temp hot glue gun and glue stick
* 2 sheets tissue paper for base color
* Several sheets or scraps of different colored tissue paper for decorations
* Scissors
* Decoupage glue
* Foam paint brushes
* Ribbon or strip of tulle for bow on handle
* Half a metre additional tulle and tissue paper for padding inside basket (optional)

Follow this link for the instructions:

Peaty Rabbits Baskets - These are aimed at slightly older children, you will need to use the craft knife or heavy duty shears, they take around 1 hour to make

What you'll need:

For the white, bunny face basket
* 2, 6 x 15cm plant pots
* Heavy-duty shears or craft knife
* Craft paint in white, pink and black
* Paint brushes (foam brush for base coat and smaller brushes for face detail)
* Pencil
* Low-temp hot glue gun and glue sticks
* Pink and natural raffia for bow, whiskers and filler
* 1-in. white pom-pom for tail for the purple basket
* 6-in. peat pot
* Purple craft paint
* Foam paintbrush
* Square scrap of burlap
* Low-temp hot glue gun and glue sticks
* Felt bunny shape, you can also make these yourself
* Small piece of string or twine for bunny's bow
* Small white pom-pom
* Small grapevine wreath
* Gardening shears (for cutting the wreath)
* Shredded paper filler

Follow this link for the instructions:

We would love to see your fantastic designs so don't forget to share you Easter creations on your local branch Facebook page!