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Feeling Frazzled By The Choice Of Bbq’S On Offer?

May 16th 2013
By: Melanie

If so we’ve had a look around to see what’s available. Coal barbeques always make food taste so delicious, so we’ve checked out the cheapest to the most expensive available on-line:
Portable coal BBQ:
If you are looking for a portable BBQ, or one that is easy to store, then why not check out the Kingfisher Portable Barrel BBQ. It has been made from stainless steel, and it comes complete with BBQ grills and fittings, and has a carry handle for transporting. The RRP is £25.99, but are offering a discount at the moment, bringing the price down to £19.98, but if you would like to buy one you will need to hurry as they only have 5 left in stock.
Large/Mid-range coal BBQ:
The MC-26 Drum Charcoal Grill is a great mid-range barbecue, made from steel. If you need to cater for large numbers of people it’s a perfect size. It comes with a large grill and you can also cook at two different temperatures. It also has a windshield, which is probably a good idea after all the bad weather we’ve been experiencing lately. The RRP is £89.95 and is available to buy on-line from
Large/Top quality BBQ:
If you are looking for a top of the range coal BBQ then it might be worth considering The Grand Ristoro (as featured). So what makes this BBQ so special? It has a large grilling area, and a clever firebox that allow you to kindle firewood or charcoal whilst cooking, so you can easily restock up on fuel when cooking.
You may have found in the past when cooking fatty meats such as sausages that the juices and fat drip down onto the BBQ when grilling, not with this BBQ, they flow down in to channels in the grill and collect in the basting pot.
Unlike the other coal BBQ’s we have looked at this one is made from 2mm thick wrought iron and coated in fire resistant paint up to 750 degrees. If you purchase this BBQ and store it properly, you will probably never have to buy another BBQ again. It’s also delivered – pre-assembled, which makes a welcome change from having to assemble hundreds of little parts to create the finished product.  
As you would imagine the price tag is much greater than the other two coal BBQ’s we have looked at, it retails at £449.00 and is available on-line @