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Fed Up With Misleading Supermarket Offers?

April 24th 2015
By: Acquarone

Since the start of the global recession many of us have had to tighten our belts, and as one of the largest monthly expenses is our food, we are always looking around for bargains in our supermarkets, but these bargains according to Which? the consumer group can be anything but a bargain, with 'special value' items often being more expensive then other products.

Which? has lodged the largest ever complaint against the food sector to the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) as it has found various 'duping' tactics such as 'dodgy multi-buys,' shrinking goods and confusing sales offers. They feel that this has influenced consumers to buy products based on their illusionary saving value. Some examples of these were found at leading grocery retailers Tesco for their special value on Sweetcorn and Asda, for their misleading multi-buy deals.

Richard Lloyd, the group's executive director, told the Guardian newspaper: 'Despite Which? repeatedly exposing misleading and confusing pricing tactics, and calling for voluntary change by the retailers, these dodgy offers remain on numerous supermarket shelves. Shoppers think they're getting a bargain but in reality it's impossible for any consumer to know if they're genuinely getting a fair deal.'

'We're saying enough is enough, and using one of the most powerful legal weapons in our armoury to act on behalf of consumers by launching a super-complaint to the regulator. We want an end to misleading pricing tactics and for all retailers to use fair pricing that people can trust.'

According to the retail analysts Kantar World panel 40% of items in supermarkets are sold under the 'special offer' label, which could be costing the consumer hundreds of millions of pounds.

Do you find supermarket pricing and mulit-buys confusing, have you found that your favourite brand of chocolate or drink has shrunk in size? We would love to hear your feedback on our Facebook page...

Source: The Guardian