Family room decorating ideas

April 25th 2016
By: Melanie
Family room decorating ideas

Quite a few homes only have one reception room, which means that our demands on this multi-functional space often result in this most used room feeling slightly disjointed or messy. The best way to start planning out this room is to write a list of all the things it has to be for everyone in the household. For example you might dream of having a minimal, beautiful sleek lounge, with neutral sofas and chic furnishings, which just wouldn’t be achievable if you have small children, that is unless you want to spend your whole time tidying it up.

One of the most important aspects of a good family room design is adequate storage, somewhere all the plethora of kids toys, books and magazines can be stored away, and as the saying goes, out of site out of mind.

Create a room you all love to spend time in – this could be in form of a comfortable seating area, cosy rugs if you have wooden floors, soft furnishings – just try and make sure that if you have young children that sofa covers are washable. It’s also probably best to avoid having carpets in your lounge as these can be dust absorbers and are not very practical for spills and felt tip pens.

Try to keep the room neutral and add bursts or pops of colour – popular colours this year are foliage green, teals, yellows and so fourth, which will make your home feel edgy but comfortable. If you have a colour theme in your kitchen you could echo this in your lounge area, or you might want to create a whole new look.

If you would like to go for something different but cosy you could try out the new trend ‘Grany Chic’ using all different types of flowery, ‘Granny’ fabrics and furnishings to create a cottage industry type feel.

Whatever your choice is in décor just make sure that you create a space that everyone loves.