Eviction Ban Change For Landlords And Tenants

March 30th 2021
By: Intercounty
Eviction Ban Change For Landlords And Tenants

This hasn’t been an easy time for landlords and tenants. At Intercounty, we work closely with landlords and tenants, and we know the challenges people face each day.

We also stay in touch with national matters. One of the most pressing issues for landlords to consider these days is the extension to the eviction ban.

Get to know the latest regulations

In England, the most recent change to eviction enforcement is that it is banned until the 31st of March 2021. Any landlord who is looking to begin eviction proceedings is required to provide six months’ notice, apart from instances where rent arrears extend beyond six months, where domestic abuse has occurred or where there is anti-social behaviour.

Housing secretary Robert Jenrick said: “By extending the ban on the enforcement of evictions by bailiffs, in all but the most serious cases, we are ensuring renters remain protected during this difficult time. Our measures strike the right balance between protecting tenants and enabling landlords to exercise their right to justice.”

Landlords and tenants need support

Ben Beadle, chief executive of the National Residential Landlords Association, said the announcement; “does nothing to help over 800,000 private renters who have built rent arrears since lockdown measures started last year”.

He also said; “It means debts will continue to mount to the point where they have no hope of paying them off. It will lead eventually to them having to leave their home and face serious damage to their credit scores.”

Mr Sajjad Ahmad, the British Landlords Association CEO, said: “The Government asked landlords to be reasonable when tackling rent arrears during the pandemic. Landlords have taken that challenge and acted gracefully, it’s time for the Government to do its part. It makes no sense forcing a landlord to apply for a county court bailiff. In many cases, the tenant pays no rent, and the landlord has to pay further costs of the bailiff process.”

Polly Neate, chief executive of Shelter, said: “Thousands of renters who’ve been living in fear of the bailiffs’ knock at the door have today been given a few more weeks in their home. This short extension to the bailiff ban may keep people safe for now, but it’s not an answer to the evictions crisis. Renters are still are being served with eviction notices every day, and our helpline is flooded with calls from those desperately worried about paying their rent.”

Polly Neate also said; “Before the ban is lifted, the government must give renters a real way out of debt. That means a lifeline of emergency grants to help pay off ‘COVID-arrears’ so people can avoid the terrifying risk of eviction altogether.”

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