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Ever Considered A House Swap For Your Holiday, Rather Than A Staycation?

August 8th 2013
By: Melanie

'Staycation' seems to be the buzzword this year, and surprisingly this American word for staying at home on holiday has caught on across most of Europe, as Europeans have really felt the pinch this year.

So if you are looking to save money what alternatives are there? One popular trend and growing market can be found in home swapping, this is when you swap your home with another around the world. In most cases you can usually use their car, bikes and cooking facilities, saving you money all round.

The safest way to do a house swap is to sign up to a well established site such as Home Link, Love Home Swap, and Guardian Home Exchange as these sites will have reviews on homes and people who have already participated in a home swap.

Annual membership starts at about £115 for a year's membership with Home Link, where you will also have access to an active on-line community, to discuss topics with other home swappers.

So if you have exhausted everything in your local area and would like something other than a Stay Vacation next year this could be a really viable alternative for you and your family.