Energy saving tips for your home

January 7th 2019
By: Melanie
Energy saving tips for your home

It’s at this time of year when we start to turn our attention to how to save money in our homes, so here are a few of our energy saving tips that could save you money each year. 

One of the first things to check is to see if you are using the cheapest energy supplier, as tariffs vary hugely between suppliers. 

Electronic goods use lots of energy, an average home in the UK now has 13 electronic devices including televisions and laptops compared to 4 appliances back in the 1990s.* So it’s important to make sure that these goods are using the least amount of energy. To ensure this you can:

Turn off your machine and don’t leave them on standby. Depending on how many gadgets you have this could save you up to £30 on your annual electricity bill. 

When you need to update appliances make sure that you buy the most buy ones with the most efficient A+++ ratings. An A+++ fridge freezer will save around £190 in energy bills over its 10-year lifetime compared to an A+ model.

Washing your clothes on 30 degrees rather than 40 degrees, using the appropriate washing liquid could save you up to £52 per year. 

Using a washing up bowl rather than washing under a running tap could save you pounds too. 

Buying or fitting a showerhead with a reducer could also save money on energy and water. 

When you boil the kettle make sure you fill it up with just the right amount of water you intend to use. If you boil too much then put it in a flask to use later. 

If you have central heating make sure you turn down thermostats or valves in rooms you don’t use. By turning down your thermostat by just one degree could save you pounds on your energy bill. 

If you can change your boiler for a new one as this will give you massive energy savings. 

Draft-proof your windows or replace with double-glazing. 

If you have bare floorboards then place rugs so that they absorb the heat

Block up any unused chimneys

Insulate your loft space

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