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Egg Shaped Pressies For The Home With A Difference…

April 3rd 2014
By: Melanie

Now it’s officially Spring time and Easter just a short hop away its fun to see what kind of alternative egg like options for the home that might be out there  - like the Ovetto Recycling Bin an egg shaped bin that really does take the idea of recycling to its logical conclusion.

Italian architect, designer and art director Gianluca Soldi invented the Ovetto Recycling Bin, a recycled recycling centre that is made itself from recycled polypropylene (the same material used in ropes and carpeting).

The bin has three separate receptacles to make recycling easier and more organized all the while taking thing up a stylish step or two from the standard council recycling bins. Named after the Italian word for ‘egg’, Ovetto takes on a natural shape and is available in a range of bright colour options.

Another green and interesting egg like, in shape anyway,  idea is the one pot two lives fish tank. It demonstrates  the multifunctional use of plant pot, where the plant pot is integrated into the fish tank. So your regularly house hold potted plant lives in the pot on top, and your gorgeous little goldfish or fishes live in the bottom half of the pot and then what happens is they provide for each other.  

The fish turn their eaten food remnants into nutrients that can be used by the plant to grow and flourish while the water fed to the plant is filtered through the soil and as it passes though the plant pot it becomes clean for the fish helping them to live longer healthier lives.  It really is a totally natural and pleasing  system to provide a home for plant and fish within your home.