Eat Well For Less, Top Tips…

October 6th 2015
By: Melanie

If you, like many families, are looking at ways to cut back on your weekly shop then you have probably been enjoying the second BBC series of ‘Eat well for Less’ hosted by Master Chef’s Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin an award-winning grocer.

This series is packed full of money saving ideas from cheap, tasty recipes to trying unbranded products and it has proven to be quite surprising how many unbranded products came much higher in the taste stakes in blind tests, apart from ice-cream.

We tried out their red kidney bean burger recipe, not only are they very cheap to make but they are also tasty. To make these you will need is a tin of kidney beans, two onions and two grated carrots, we added cumin seeds and smoked paprika with a clove of garlic and cooked on a low heat until they were cooked.

Meanwhile mash the beans in a bowl, add all of your cooked ingredients, forming the mixture into burger shapes then heat through in your frying pan, these are great served with potato wedges or new potatoes.

The' Eat Well for Less' page of their website gives various tips on how to save money on your grocery shopping which include:

1) Planning what you are going to eat, making a list and sticking to it.

2) Buying in bulk – once a month buy your pasta, and canned products in mega packs when possible.

3) Watch out for buy one get one free products, better known as ‘Bogofs’, these are not necessarily cheaper, so compare them to other products, and make sure you ask yourself whether you really need two of that product. Beware of end of isle products which might not be great value.

4) Shop around – try different shops to check prices and buy fresh products from markets and butchers, as this can sometimes work out cheaper.

5) Take a calculator or phone app to the supermarket to work out the cost per 100 grams as this can often vary.

6) Don't always buy the cheapest products, some cost more for a good reason. Cheap sausages for example can be full of fat and very unhealthy.

For more information about how to eat well for less please visit the BBC website

Source: BBC