Easy Energy Tips This Winter, To Help You Cut Your Bills…

January 23rd 2013
By: Melanie

The recent cold weather has made energy saving more important than ever to most households. So we have decided to put a list of things you can do to make your energy bills cheaper:
• Use energy light bulbs throughout the house if possible, these could save you 10-15% on energy over the course of a year, and last 10 times longer.
• Turn down your thermostat – by turning this down by one 1 degree, could save about £35 per year, the ideal temperature in a home is 21 degrees.
• Check your doors and windows for drafts, as this account for 15 – 20% of heat loss throughout your home.
• Close your curtains at dusk, if you’re curtains are not lined then try and line the back of them with thermal lining.
• If you have wooden floors then you could be losing energy, try to put down some rugs.
• Keep unused boiled water in a thermos flask for next time you need it, depending on the wattage of your kettle this could be costing between 5-10p each time you boil it!
• Make sure you put a lid on the pan when boiling vegetables, and turn down the temperature.