Does Buying A Second Hand Kitchen Pay?

June 13th 2014
By: Melanie

When selling a house one of the most important rooms to a buyer is the kitchen, if it doesn't cut the mustard they will see this as a big negative. In the past couple of years we have seen a huge shift in buying patterns, as consumers move away from buying Swedish flat pack furniture to restoring and up-cycling old, but could buying and installing second hand kitchen potentially devalue your home?

One of the most important factors when thinking about creating your own DIY kitchen is asking yourself how are your DIY skills? Bad DIY jobs can dramatically reduce the resale value of any home. If your DIY skills are good or you intend to ask a carpenter, or kitchen fitter to fit your second-hand kitchen then you could produce something bespoke and at a fraction of the cost.

It’s amazing what people get rid of on line – it is possible to buy whole kitchens for £50 from some auction sites, but you need to carefully assess what you are buying before you hand over any money. One of the most important factors is to make sure that the cabinets are intact, if the back has come away then that won’t necessarily be a problem. Worktops and doors are easy and relatively cheap to change, and buying a kitchen with wooden doors rather than Formica will enable you to sand and repaint them. Sinks can also be given a new breath of life by replacing the taps.  

So if you do embark on replacing your current kitchen with a second hand one, make sure that the cupboards fit well in to your kitchen space, and make sure the finished product is top notch.

If you have bought and fitted a second hand kitchen, then please let us know on our Facebook page, we would love to hear your story.