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Do Traditional Houses Need To Be Preserved?

October 31st 2011
By: Jonathan
Do Traditional Houses Need To Be Preserved?

For just over a decade we have seen old Victorian and Georgian houses being ripped apart to make way for our new modern lifestyles. But do we really have the right to do this? Surely a house is something we borrow and needs to reflect a period of being looked after and not torn apart? So should we keep its original integrity or improve it to make way for our new way of living.

It is worth questioning whether this will be just another era of modern extremism, which at some point might be frowned upon by future generations. A future generation who might in years to come not agree with a one space fits all, and might prefer the cozy intimacy of individual rooms, which do not have to suffer from traveling noise and kitchen smells.

The problem with fashions is that they do come and go quickly. The 60’s housing revolution were built for that modern period, but have not stood the test of time and now stand as an insidious reminder of why new and modern doesn’t always stand the test of time.

Although it's impossible to look into the future it’s worth considering that one day we might all be spending vast amounts of money to re-build these lovely old buildings, changing them once more into smaller, more intimate spaces.