De-Cluttering Tips….

September 16th 2015
By: Melanie

There have been quite a few series on the TV over the past year about how to clean your house, aimed at extreme people; those who don't like to clean and those people who love cleaning, and one of the first things they do is to de-clutter their house. Even if your house isn’t as dirty or as cluttered as some of the extreme examples we are shown on TV, getting down and actually sorting through our stuff can be quite daunting, especially if you have a few years of clutter to wade through. If you are thinking of selling your property minimising the space is one of the best ways to present your home.  So here are some de-cluttering tips:

• Write a list of areas in the house you would like to de-clutter, even if it’s just a cupboard that’s a good place to start.

• Concentrate on de-cluttering one room at a time, and if a room is really full of clutter then start at one end and work your way through to the other end.

• Throw-away items that are broken or damaged.

• If you have put off clearing out a space which belonged to a loved one, ask a friend or a close member of the family to sort through their things.

• Bathroom products – put them all in a box and each time you use them take them out and put them back into your bathroom, everything you don’t use within the first month throw out. Check the dates on your make-up too, as most of us tend to keep them way over their use-by dates.

• Take the 12-12-12 challenge – by choosing 12 things to throw out, 12 things to donate and 12 things to put back in their correct place. This can be quite a fun thing to do with the kids too.

• Use three boxes – one for items to keep, one to throw and one to take to a charity shop.

• If you haven’t used an item for at least a year, and it’s not sentimental then get rid of it.

• Think of an end goal – such as going out for a nice meal with the money you would have made from selling some of your unused items on an on-line auction site. Or buying paint to brighten up your home or some home furnishings.