Create Your Own Airy Garden Retreat…

April 23rd 2013
By: Melanie
Create Your Own Airy Garden Retreat…

Airstreams, with their rounded retro appeal and their exuberant chrome finish are becoming more and more popular in the UK, not only for use as a luxury family camping cars, but also as extra space in the garden. They can be used for anything from entertaining, extra guest accommodation to home offices, offering space which is both versatile and stylish.

The company, American Retro Caravans - featured on George Clarke’s, Amazing spaces last year, create luxury bespoke interiors from these gorgeous rounded aluminum bodies.

They produce refits of airstreams for the home and business, creating interiors with high gloss or real wood veneers, to kitchen doors made from solid wood, Corian, Staron, brushed stainless steel or zinc work tops, sprung blinds or curtains with leather pelmets, electric telescopic table legs, multi-coloured LED lighting, plumbing and central heating, anything seems possible. If you are wondering about cost, then a luxury re-fit will set you back at least £3,500 per linear foot, which also includes the purchase of the airstream, but not VAT.

The model we have featured has been based around the design of a lava lamp, a throw back to the 50/60’s when everything was modeled on the sci-fi, scientific look. If you would like to see some more of their amazing creations, including a Retro refit, or to find out more about how they can help you to create your own bespoke airstream then why not visit their website @