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Colours That Help You To Get The Best Night's Sleep...

June 7th 2013
By: Melanie

There are thousands of paint colours on the market, so choosing one which is right for your home can be a bit of a challenge. However according to a new survey by Travel Lodge, there is more than meets the eye when choosing the right paint colours for bedrooms.

Apparently people who have blue coloured walls in their bedrooms get the best night's sleep, an average of 7 hours and 52 minutes per night, closely followed by green and yellow with an average of 7 hours and 40 minutes. These colours have been found to be calming and soothing which enables the heart rate to slow and possibly reduce high blood pressure.

Purple is the worse colour to have in the bedroom, as it is thought to stimulate the brain, cutting down a night's sleep to only 6 hours. This is because it has a strong link to the creative side of our brains, which is thought to stimulate the subconscious. Purple is more likely to induce vivid dreams and nightmares, making us feel drained when we wake up.
Couples sharing a room who have a bedroom painted in caramel are more likely to make love on average two or three times a week, whereas when they were painted in red, the colour most associated with love, Britons only made love on average one time per week.

Frances Whitley, Travelodge Interior Designer stated: 'Room colour does influence your mood and set the tone for your living environment. Therefore it's important to choose a bedroom décor that will help you relax and induce sleep.

'I have spent the last 12 months working with our customers to create a purpose built room for them. In today's modern world, Britons want a high level of co-ordination between colours, shades, patterns and features.

'They are no longer happy with everything being the same colour. Tastes are also moving away from dark shades; today hotel users want a clean, fresh and calming colour scheme.'

Source:Daily Mail