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Clever ways to use wallpaper in your home

March 10th 2016
By: Melanie
Clever ways to use wallpaper in your home

In interior design terms the ‘feature wall’ has definitely been making an exit of late, it’s actually seen as being a bit naff now – why, because every home seems to be adorned with one, and frankly it’s a bit old hat. It’s interesting because wallpaper designers/manufacturers at the conception of the featured wall, put up roll prices to remain in the trade at the time, so it will be interesting to see where prices travel.
It seems that the whole home interior concept is now based around being eclectic, and being rather brave – as decorating a whole room in your chosen wallpaper and even a ceiling is becoming more popular, in the biggest, boldest print available – from large flowers to repetitive birds patterns, do we sense echoes from the 70’s Gaudi, vibe? Possibly, but it does seem to be done in a much more tasteful way this time around.
If you don’t fancy adorning your home with back-to-back wallpaper, lets face it most of us wouldn’t feel the need; then how about introducing it into your furniture – just take an old piece of furniture, and wallpaper the draws, different variants of the same wallpaper, if you have a retro space then dynamic styles of wallpaper work well, and if you have a more vintage style why not try out some flowery prints, different porcelain handles work well with this style too. If you don’t fancy going the whole hog you could wallpaper the sides of the drawers.
If you have plain storage boxes you could brighten these up with a bit of designer wallpaper. Plain lampshades – you can decorate these with your choice of wallpaper. We found lots of different ways in which you can bring a chic wallpaper vibe into your home from wallpapered headboards to wallpapering the backs of shelving units, if you fancy having a go at being let lose on your home with your favourite wallpaper then why not check out this link packed full of ideas.

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