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Cleaning Our Homes Won’T Bag Us A Gold, But It Might Help Us To Get Fit

July 31st 2012
By: Melanie

With the Olympics well under way, we thought we would do a bit of research on how many calories we burn when doing every day cleaning in our homes.

Although general dusting and polishing won’t really impact on our daily allowance, some other cleaning chores can give us a bit of a work out. For example, mopping your floors, doesn’t only strengthen and tone biceps and shoulders, it also burns about 110 calories per half an hour, however if you get down and scrub your floors you could burn off a potential 220 calories per half an hour.

Vacuuming by alternating from one arm to the other, will give you the best work out for your body, if you also tuck your tummy in whilst vacuuming you will also be able to strengthen your abdominal muscles, if you do this for half an hour you can burn 90 calories.

Who’s going to do the washing up, can be an ongoing battle in our homes, but if you wash up by hand you could really burn some calories, 160 in half an hour, that’s a good reason to not fill up the dishwasher, which in comparison only burns 105 calories per half an hour.

Window cleaning can also burn up to 60 calories per hour – it’s great for the upper body, and the more you rub, the more you’ll burn. Walking up and down the stairs each time you need to take something up, rather than pilling items up at the bottom can burn a whopping 250 calories in half an hour, and washing your car rather than taking it to a car cleaners burns about 157 per hour.

Ironing can also burn some calories, about 75 per hour, if you leave the washing on the floor in a basket rather than putting it next to you this can also help to burn away calories, whilst doing our research one site recommended doing 20 press ups, per ironed item – we thought this was probably taking one step too far.

However if all this talk of housework sounds exhausting you could always switch on the TV and watch someone else exercising in the Olympics.