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Christmas Pudding... Recipes And Tips

November 13th 2014
By: Melanie

There are certain elements of a Christmas meal that wouldn't be the same without them, and one of these is Christmas pudding. Christmas pudding originated in Britain in the 14th Century and believe it or not started of as porridge called frumenty. Originally it was made with beef, mutton, raisons, currents, prunes, wines and spices. Rather than shaped in the traditional dome shape that we know today, it was served as a soup, sometimes as part of the fasting ritual before Christmas day.

However by the 16th Century the frumenty had developed into more of a plum pudding, with the addition of eggs, breadcrumbs and dried fruit, beer or spirits. By 17th Century it was part of the customary Christmas pudding, but in 1664 it was banned by Puritans as being a bad custom. King George I then brought it back as part of the Christmas meal, having been delighted by the flavours and we have been enjoying it in the UK ever since.

If you are thinking of creating your own Christmas pudding then why not check out the BBC Good Food website, they have over 27 different types of recipes , Christmas Pudding Icecream  and Classic Christmas pudding , so of these need to be made in advance and others not, so check this out well in advance.

If you would rather buy your Christmas pudding this year here is our list of the most expensive to the cheapest on offer:

Marks & Spencer Panettone Pudding £14 907g A lovely light pudding with more of a sponge texture, lovely citrussy orange flavour.

Aldi - Aldi Specially Selected Luxury Champagne pudding 907g Sweet, syrupy and very boozy with pretty gold flecks on the top £9.99

Looking for something cheaper? According to Good Housekeeping these were the best in taste:

Winner: Tesco Finest* 9 month Matured Cherry Topped Xmas pudding, £5 for 454g

Runner up: Co-Op Truly Irresistible, £5 for 454g

Best of the rest: Sainsbury's Taste The Difference Cognac Laced Christmas Pudding, £12 for 900g

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