Chelmsford Vendors – Tips To Sell Your Home In Winter

November 8th 2021
By: Intercounty
Chelmsford Vendors – Tips To Sell Your Home In Winter

While the housing market slows down a bit in winter, it definitely doesn’t stop. If you are looking to move on in the next few months, it will be a challenge, but it is far from an impossible task.

At Intercounty, we are more than happy to talk you through the process associated with selling your home in winter. We are also more than happy to represent you, ensuring your home is presented in the most appropriate manner, if you do intend to sell your home over the next few months.

Create a cosy environment

Prospective buyers will be coming in from the cold and the darkness, so it makes sense to provide them with a warm and illuminated welcome. Some tips to consider include:

  • Spending money on additional light, with LED candles a brilliant and safe way to make the property more appealing

  • Try to maximise as much natural light coming into the property at all, if possible

  • Heat the house before any viewings are scheduled to take place

  • Add comfortable cushions and accessories around the house to make a friendlier and more inviting atmosphere

  • Scented candles or diffusers can make a room smell fantastic

You must make a positive first impression

Remember buyers will start judging your home before they even set foot inside, so try to make the outside of your home as appealing as possible. Steps to take include:

  • Remove any debris and leaves from around your home

  • You should think about weeding, planting new plants, pruning bushes and trees

  • If you have any external lights, make sure they are in good working order

  • Make sure your windows, fascias, guttering and external areas have been cleaned

Be informed about house prices

It is crucial you are up to date with property prices, as this will help you price and negotiate more effectively. As your local agent in and around Chelmsford, we are ideally placed to ensure you make informed decisions, and that you connect with buyers in the most effective and appropriate manner.

According to Rightmove, as of November 2021, house prices in Chelmsford are as follows:

Properties around Chelmsford had an overall average price of £467,606 over the last year.

The majority of sales around Chelmsford during the last year were semi-detached properties, selling for an average price of £412,377. Terraced properties sold for an average of £334,622, with detached properties fetching £858,527.

Overall, sold prices around Chelmsford over the last year were 25% up on the previous year and 27% up on the 2018 peak of £367,215.”

If you plan on selling your Chelmsford home this winter, we are on hand to help. We have a strong track record in this area, and we look forward to assisting you as best we can.

For all sales enquiries in Chelmsford, please feel free to call us on 01245 251442 or why not email us at With considerable experience in the local housing market, and free valuation services, we look forward to helping you make an informed decision in the Chelmsford property sector