Chelmsford Vendors And Buyers – Home Moving Attitudes

December 4th 2020
By: Intercounty
Chelmsford Vendors And Buyers – Home Moving Attitudes

It would be correct to say the pandemic has impacted how we think about virtually every aspect of our lives. At Intercounty, we work closely with a range of buyers and vendors, and we know people are looking for different things compared to what they wanted in 2020.

There has also been a range of research undertaken by professionals in the property market. One recent study by Barratt Homes and Good More Global Ltd suggest there has been a shift in attitudes towards work and homes.

Remote working might not influence housing market too much

While there has been a lot of focus on remote working and its impact on where people live, only 12% of respondents cited a desire to move further away from their place of work. 19% of respondents said they want to move closer to their family.

Only 33% of respondents think they will work from home more than they currently do.

The study also showed only 17% of respondents are looking to move home in the next two years. Of this group, 36% said they want to be closer to their family, and 27% of respondents said they intend to move further away from work.

Of the respondents who are looking to move home in the next two years, 35% of respondents said they are looking to live in London and the South-East of England. 17% of respondents have said they are keen to live in the Midlands.

There is no surprise in which age group is most likely to move

It is also interesting to look at the intention of buyers by age. 45% of people aged between 25 and 39 said they are highly or quite likely to home. This is close to double the number of positive responses from the other age groups.

Of the 18 to 24-year-old groups, 18% of people said they are highly or quite likely to move while 24% of people aged between 40 and 54 years old are quite likely to move.

Ed McCoy, Sales Director for Barratt West London, comments: “It’s very easy to look at the news and see a huge attitudinal shift in where we want to live and work. Covid 19 has had a dramatic impact on our lives, but the research shows it is not dramatically changing behaviours and attitudes around where we live.”

Ed continued by saying; “There are a group of people that may have already been on the tipping point, with Covid shifting attitudes, but for the most part there is not a tidal move away from cities, nor the start of off-grid living. Our research shows that almost a third of people (29%) who are likely to move in the next two years still want to live in a city suburb, or a town suburb (32%). There are impacts in our city centres, areas like central London, but what we have seen is the rise of the local high street and the regions.”

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