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Celebrate National Science Week 9-18th March

March 6th 2018
By: Melanie
Celebrate National Science Week 9-18th March

This year the UK will be celebrating British National Science week between the 9-18th of March 2018. It’s a fun way for children to explore science and get a better understanding of it through taking part in various special events. The concept was first introduced back in 1994 and is now one of the largest National observance of science in the UK. 

The British Science website has a whole host of ways in which children can get involved including a run to the deep, a virtual run from the seas to under the oceans. It’s race which involves travelling through the depths of the ocean accompanied by music and audio commentary, to find out more please visit their page - it’s free to enter

On the British Science website, they also have various activity packs full of ideas of how children of any age can get involved. One of the ideas included in the primary pack is how to make cheese with your child, here is the method:

Part one

1 Get an adult to heat the milk in a pan or in the microwave. It should be hot but not be boiling.

2 Pour the milk into a bowl and add the vinegar and food dye.

3 Stir for about a minute, then pour the milk and vinegar solution through the strainer into the sink. If you have some muslin cloth, use it to line your strainer, as it’s easier to get your plastic cheese out.

Part two

There should be a mass of lumpy blobs left in the strainer.

Rinse them with water and squeeze them together.

If you find your milk doesn’t turn into a solid, the vinegar may be old and has lost its acidity, so you’ll need to use fresh vinegar instead.

Part three

You can use the cookie cutter

to cut out shapes, or just mould them into any shape like they did when making casein plastics. The mixture should harden in a couple of days.

Next steps

Go to for a video guide and other investigations to try at home.

Last year there were also over 2,300 events up and down the country so we’ve checked out what’s available in Essex if you would like to participate this year.

This year Hollytrees Museum in Colchester is hosting a Marvellous Magnets day on the 17th of March at Castle Road, Colchester, CO1 1UG. It’s suitable for any age and this year they will be exploring Marvellous Magnets. For more information please visit their website.