Celebrate Burn’s night

January 23rd 2016
By: Natasha

Burn’s night is being celebrated on Monday 25 of January this year, it’s when people come together to feast and celebrate the poems of Scotland’s most famous poet, Robert Burns.

Suppers can range from an informal gathering to large formal dinners. Haggis is traditionally served up on Burn’s night, this is a Scottish dish consisting of sheep’s or calf’s offal mixed with suet and oatmeal which is then boiled in a bag normally made from the animal’s stomach. If you don’t fancy eating Haggis, as it is a not for everyone, there are also vegetarian and other meat recipes available for Burn’s night on the BBC Goodfood website.  

As an accompaniment to Haggis it is traditional to eat a mixture of swede and potato, these can be boiled and then mashed together to form a smooth puree which is said to work well with the oatyness of haggis. Essex Chef Jamie Oliver has this recipe: Neeps and tatties

Another part of burns night is the clinking of whiskey filled drams, whiskey which can also be used to make a sauce by boiling and then adding cream.

Traditionally on this special occasion one of Burn’s poems or songs will be read out during the night, and usually it will be a poem such as A Red, Red Rose or Tam O’Shanter – the latter a tale which was written in 1790.

If you would like to experience an authentic Burn’s night supper this year there is no better way than staying in Scotland, we found this holiday package from £75 per person, for a stay on Saturday 23 January, with the Best Western at The Crianlarich Hotel, the package includes a ‘wee dram’ in their highland lodge, and then a piper will escort guests to diner at 8pm. For more information please visit their website.