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October 13th 2017
Enjoy Autumn with these houses for sale close to parkland…
Autumn is a beautiful time of year especially on a sunny day when the sun magnifies the intensity of the red, yellow and brown shades of turning leaves. So we thought we would show case some properties for sale close to parks.
September 27th 2017
Winter proof your home
It’s this time of year that we start to prepare our homes for the winter months ahead to prevent any strong winds, heavy rain or freezing ice and snow from causing damage to our homes, as well as maximising its efficiency.
August 24th 2017
Keeping your home secure this bank holiday weekend
If you are planning on going away this bank holiday weekend then you will need to make sure you keep your home secure and not just from burglaries, so here are a few tips:
August 22nd 2017
Getting ready for the start of the new school term
It’s that time of year when the school holidays have nearly come to an end that we start thinking about getting back into a daily routine. As with most things in life the secret is in the planning and preparing the new school term in no exception. Here are some tips to help make the new school term easier
July 22nd 2017
Money saving tips for your home…
There are so many ways in which we can save money on our home from changing energy suppliers to checking we get the best deal on our broadband. Here are a few of our money saving tips.
June 1st 2017
Tips on getting your patio ready for summer
It’s at this time of year that we can really start to enjoy the outside space in our homes, so here are few tips on getting your patio ready for summer.
May 4th 2017
Bake up a Fougasse in this fabulous kitchen…
Launched in 2009 the Real Bread Campaign will be running from 6-14 May this year, it’s a week when we will celebrate all things bread by supporting our local bakers or creating our own homemade bread.
May 2nd 2017
Get your home ready for a sale
If you are thinking about selling your property but need to tackle some tricky areas first, such as an outdated bathroom, kitchen or master bedroom, here are some tips from Sainsbury’s to help you get those issues ironed out:
March 16th 2017
First Day of Spring in our gardens
It’s not long now until the first day of spring on the 20th March, it’s a time of year when we all start to think about getting our gardens up to scratch, researching what we are going to plant, mowing the lawn, getting rid of weeds and making it a nice space for summer.
February 6th 2017
Valentine’s day – how to rekindle the love for your home
Here are a few ways in which you can rekindle the love for your home this Valentine’s Day...
February 1st 2017
New Year, new savings
The start of a new year is a great time to review all of your household’s out goings, for most people the largest household expense will be food, followed closely by energy. If you can reduce both you will really be able to benefit from some great savings.  
January 2nd 2017
This year's interior fashions - hit the blues
Interior design looks to continue to be blue throughout 2017, however rather than dark, greeny teals, dusky blues will dominate this year’s blue.