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June 25th 2019
Simple ways to enhance your garden this summer
Summer has arrived and it’s great to escape into the garden for some relaxation. However, if your garden isn’t looking at it’s best and you would like to give it a quick spruce up then there are some really easy ways in which you can improve it. 
May 23rd 2019
Some tips on how to add value to your home...
First of all, you need to think about your potential buyers and what improvements will be most beneficial to that market, if you are aiming at the professional market then a huge kitchen wouldn’t be as appealing as a space for a home office.
May 20th 2019
There’s more to landlord safety checks than smoke and carbon monoxide detectors - here is our checklist...
Over the past few years, safety laws involving rental properties have increased, there are now approximately 145 laws and 400 regulations* and anyone flouting these new laws will not only be putting their tenant's safety at risk but could also receive a large fine. 
March 14th 2019
10 home décor ideas to instantly transform your home
Now that spring is just around the corner, the much-welcomed extra sunshine might be shining a light on some of the less-polished parts of your property. If you’re thinking that a good spring clean won’t quite cut it this year, then follow our 10 home decoration ideas to instantly transform your home… 
January 7th 2019
Energy saving tips for your home
It’s at this time of year when we start to turn our attention to how to save money in our homes, so here are a few of our energy saving tips that could save you money each year. 
November 26th 2018
Don't miss Santa's Grotto at Intercounty Bishop's Stortford this Saturday
Intercounty Bishop’s Stortford will be hosting Santa’s Grotto in their office this Saturday the 1st December from 10am to 5pm in association with Bishop’s Stortford Christmas Fayre. 
April 24th 2018
VIDEO - Preparing to move? Here’s how in 5 easy steps…
Preparing to move? Here’s how in 5 easy steps…
March 11th 2018
National bed month - how to get the best night’s sleep
This month is National Bed month and if you haven’t heard of it, it’s all about thinking and educating people about how to get a good nights sleep.
December 23rd 2017
Give a cluck about food waste this Christmas
This is the latest campaign from the LoveFoodHateWaste website who states that a staggering 86 million birds are thrown out uneaten.
October 31st 2017
Remember, Remember to keep safe this November
Each year we celebrate fireworks night on and around November the 5th by either visiting an organised event or by creating our own in our gardens.
October 22nd 2017
Pumpkin seeds - a healthy snack
Preserve the pumpkin seeds to make a healthy snack for you and your family. 
October 17th 2017
Pumpkin cake, soups, and pies - the recipe choices are endless
If you usually throw out your left over pumpkin think again as it could make a tasty treat, there’s a whole plethora of recipes available on the BBC Goodfood website including Pumpkin Hummus, Pumpkin, Fennel and Taleggio.