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January 22nd 2018
A move to Chelmsford for good schooling
If you are a parent then one of your main objectives if you are thinking about a move to country is to ensure that your children will have access to good state schools. That’s why many City dwellers are considering a move to Chelmsford as 86% of its state schools have a ‘good’ ofsted rating or better. 
January 18th 2018
A move to the country will it make me happier?
The lure of moving to the country in search of happiness is something that most of us contemplate when starting a family or getting into our 30’s
January 16th 2018
Property searches on the increase in 2018
According to the House Price Index from Right Move 2018 has a been a busy year so far for on-line property searches, with an increase of traffic of 9% compared to the same period this time last year. 
January 10th 2018
New Year, new renovation project
If 2018 is the year when you would like to take on a new project such as renovating a house then Intercounty Bishop’s Stortford have a renovation property in the popular village of Much Hadham with planning permission already granted.
January 9th 2018
A taste of town and country with this Chelmsford property
So if you are interested in having a taste of town and country how about this beautifully presented, individual, four bedroom, detached family home .
December 20th 2017
£1.1 million in rent for the average Millennial
It’s no new news that the millennial generation, those born between 1982-2004 have far less chance of getting on the property ladder than their predecessors.
December 19th 2017
So what’s new for home decor in 2018?
It’s one of the big questions if you like to follow the latest home trends so we thought we would check out what’s hot and what’s not for 2018.
December 18th 2017
Thinking of selling in 2018 - don’t miss the property rush
If you are thinking about selling your home in the new year, then make sure it is wrapped up for the Festive Season so that you can benefit from having your property on-line for one of the busiest on-line property search periods. 
December 15th 2017
Featured property - traditional home
If you are looking at buying a traditional style home then you might want to consider this stunning three bedroom cottage which dates back to 1875.
December 14th 2017
5 of the best kitchens for preparing a Christmas feast
If you are looking to move in the New Year here are some properties for sale which have different styles of kitchens to suit any taste from traditional to the more contemporary. 
December 12th 2017
Get your home wrapped up for the January rush
January is one of the hottest months for property sales, in January 2017 the property portal Rightmove received 26%* more traffic in this month alone - a huge serge in people viewing properties.
November 27th 2017
How to achieve a good night’s sleep
Lack of sleep is a major problem in the UK, in fact according to a report by the recent the research company Rand Europe, sleep deprived personnel cost the UK economy around £40bn per year.