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February 7th 2017
Featured rental property: The benefits of penthouse living
There are many advantages of penthouse living, one of these is the birds-eye view you get of the world. It’s not until you’ve sampled this type of living that you can enjoy how much the view constantly changes with the weather and seasons
January 24th 2017
Renting a property: how to make the most of the central heating system
If you are renting a property there are still a few things you can do to ensure you are making the most of the heating system.
January 16th 2017
Looking for somewhere to rent? Check out our rental picks…
Renting through Intercounty couldn’t be more straightforward, and whatever your needs, we will help you move - check out our latest rental properties. 
December 15th 2016
Landlords: is your property properly insured?
It’s at this time of year when it turns colder that problems can occur in rental properties, especially if tenants go away over the Christmas period, so it’s best to make sure that they know the basics of making sure your home stays safe and sound over the festive season.
November 12th 2016
Which heating system for your rental property?
If you have recently purchased a rental property or are thinking about updating the heating in your rental property then you will probably be considering either gas or electric.
September 30th 2016
Half the renters in the UK are 50 plus
Back in 1985 it was a natural presumption that most of us would own a property by the time we retire, but this is no longer true for a large amount of people who are 50 plus.
August 25th 2016
Intercounty's Contractor of the Month Award
Congratulations to Roy's Appliance Maintenance who was awarded "Intercounty's Contractor of the Month Award."
August 12th 2016
Our guide to buying your first buy-to-let
Finding the right property is key to your success if you are thinking of purchasing a buy-to-let. It is essential that your potential investment is priced correctly, in an area with high rental demand, is low-maintenance as well as offering a good potential annual return.
July 29th 2016
Landlord: changes to letting out property in England
Over the past year there has been quite a few major changes to the way property is let out in the UK, which is why many DIY landlords are now turning to registered letting agents such as Intercounty in order to keep up with the changes in legislation.
June 10th 2016
The Lettings Agency of the Year Awards 2016
Intercounty were awarded Gold for Best Medium Agency of the East of England at The Lettings Agency of the Year Awards 2016 in association with The Sunday Times and The Times and sponsored by ZPG.
May 26th 2016
Landlords: Rental returns increase
England and Wales have experienced some of the fastest rental growth recently, with the average rent now costing £793 per month...
April 25th 2016
Landlords – Tax Changes you need to know about
One of the biggest tax changes is that landlords are going to start to be taxed on their revenue rather than their profit.