July 31st 2021
We know being a landlord is challenging, but it is vital landlords continue to provide the best standard of service to tenants. We believe focusing on energy efficiency makes sense, as this is a crucial component of letting property.
July 26th 2021
The tenant-landlord relationship is a delicate one. Landlords want to make sure that tenants are paying on time and living up to the lease agreement, while tenants want their landlord to keep the property in good condition for them. It's important for landlords and tenants alike to work together so both parties can get what they need out of this arrangement.
July 19th 2021
With summer of 2021 upon us, there is still considerable activity in the housing market. We are pleased to say we work closely with many buyers and vendor, and we know there is considerable activity in the market. However, we also know many people are looking for assistance when making their next move.
July 12th 2021
At Intercounty, we know there is significant demand for rental property at this time. This is good news for landlords, and there is considerable optimism as to what will unfold this summer in the lettings sector.
July 9th 2021
Just before the pandemic, someone buying a home with a 10% deposit would have been £102 a month better off than someone who was renting property. The latest study, as of May 2021, finds that it was 7%, or £71, cheaper for a first-time buyer with a 10% deposit to rent property than to buy.
July 2nd 2021
If a property deal collapses through no fault of your own, it can be hugely frustrating. There is a lot to be said for snapping up a property when there is no chain involved, and this is something an increasing number of prospective buyers are looking for.
June 28th 2021
There is significant demand for rental property these days, and we believe this is an ideal time for many landlords to expand their property portfolio. If you would like to discuss your options, get in touch and Intercounty will be more than happy to help.
June 11th 2021
At Intercounty, we take immense pride in working closely with landlords, helping them to provide tenants with a high standard of service. We work closely with letting industry professionals, but we have also seen many landlords take the initiative when it comes to improving their rental property.
June 7th 2021
It’s been almost a year since the stamp duty holiday was introduced, and the housing market has barely paused for breath since. There has been considerable activity in the property market over this time, and this looks set to continue for some time.
May 27th 2021
There are numerous changes affecting landlords in 2021. Our helpful guide focuses on some key legislation updates that landlords need to be aware of.
May 27th 2021
The Queen's Speech on 11th May confirmed that the Renters' Reform Bill is back on the agenda for 2021, with the response to the 2019 proposals now expected in the autumn, when the government will outline its reform package for the PRS.Read on to find out more about some of the fairly significant proposed changes.
May 27th 2021
With multiple lockdowns and the tier system now thankfully behind us, landlords and tenants are able to enjoy more relaxed restrictions. We outline the current recommended best-practice guidance from the government for visits to tenanted properties.