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January 15th 2021
With instant valuations, remote valuations, online 3D tours and secure video or telephone calls, you can now sell or let your property without leaving the house. 
January 11th 2021
Great news! We're extending our offer for 3D floorplans and video tours. We're giving a FREE 3D video tour to all properties that are listed with us before 31st March 2021.
December 28th 2020
It is important landlords stay in touch with what is happening in the local and national lettings market. At Intercounty, we are here to assist you at all parts of the letting process.
December 24th 2020
There has been considerable focus on what buyers are looking for this year, but it is fair to say tenants are looking for homes which fit their needs too.
December 18th 2020
We know being a landlord is a challenging task, and there is a lot of work involved. We know many landlords are looking for assistance and guidance in complying with regulations.
December 14th 2020
In the current climate, it is important that landlords remain in regular contact with their tenants. At Intercounty, we are here to assist you as best we can. We help local tenants and landlords, and we stay in touch with the latest national studies. This should help you to better connect with your tenants during this trying time.
December 4th 2020
It would be correct to say the pandemic has impacted how we think about virtually every aspect of our lives. At Intercounty, we work closely with a range of buyers and vendors, and we know people are looking for different things compared to what they wanted in 2020.
December 1st 2020
We know this has been a challenging year for everyone, and many landlords are re-evaluating their position in the market right now. However, there are many reasons why landlords should remain in the property market.
December 1st 2020
Christmas is a time for goodwill and festive cheer. It's going to be a different one this year - but we're still hoping to make our tenants smile with our festive giveaway. 
November 27th 2020
With the UK currently in recession, most people will be reviewing their personal finances, and their business finances, if applicable. If you are a landlord, it is natural you will review the market, and try to predict what is likely to happen next.
November 25th 2020
If you are a landlord, focusing on tenant satisfaction is a smart idea. When you have a happy tenant, they are far more likely to pay on time, and they will be more likely to stay in your rental period for much longer. This will help you to minimise void periods, which should ensure you achieve more success as a landlord.
November 19th 2020
With so much demand for rental property, it is easy to see why many people are drawn to being a landlord. While being a landlord can be very rewarding, it is a tough role, but we are here to help.