Can You Bake Your Own Show Stopper?

September 15th 2015
By: Melanie

We’re a few weeks into this year’s BBC Great British Bake off, and what a few exciting weeks it has been - we’ve learnt how to create bread, tarts without soggy bottoms and this week the contestants were pushed to their baking limits when they had to make 48 equally sized volovants, with two different fillings.

Each week the bakers have to create a show stopper, some of the elaborate finishes can feel out the reach of us home bakers, however if you fancy creating your own show stopper then the BBC have created this site – Can you create a show stopper without being a star baker?

The site takes you through eight simple steps on how to make your own show stopper. You will need some basic baking skills before you start.

• First of all make it simple.

• It’s all about the base, they recommend that you make sure that your base is completely cold before icing to prevent the icing from running – one hour minimum.

• Sprinkle it on – they suggest using sprinkles which are fun and easy to decorate with.

• All the pretty things – decorate your cake with things that are already beautiful, they have used chocolate match sticks around the perimeter of the cake, and have put whole raspberries on top. It looks amazing.

• Colour me beautiful – this section shows how you can create a beautiful layered cake without having to ice it.

• Chocolate makes everything beautiful, this section takes you through three different ways of using chocolate to decorate your cake.

• Cake by numbers this section shows you how to create three different shapes from a standard size sponge.

 For more information about how to make that illusive great British bake please follow this link