Buying A Home - Is It Love At First Sight?

February 13th 2013
By: Melanie

In the UK if there is a special or unusual property on an estate agents books we call it ‘rare’ or ‘a must see,’ but the French estate agents describe an unusual property as a ‘coup de coeur,' (missing a heart beat), this means the agent thinks you will instantly fall in love with it.
Have you ever fallen instantly for a new home? Most of us tend to have emotive feelings of attraction when we want to buy a home and say things like ‘it feels right’, ‘it feels perfect,’‘I can’t put my finger on it, but this is the one.’ So much so that this can cause panic, and the buyer starts to say things like ‘we have to have this home,’ as they know from the minute they walk over the threshold that this the home for them. This of course can ultimately lead to disappointment or even worse, heart break if they cannot acquire the home they love.
So could these feeling of love towards a new home be associated with the same sense of attraction that entices us to a new mate (‘I can’t put my finger on it, but this is the one’) probably not exactly, but it is said that if a vendor cooks fresh bread, the smell tends to make a home feel more enticing, and the words ‘the one’, do
But it’s difficult to say as the promise of a new home can mean so many things to so many different people. From an emotional point-of-view a buyer might think it’s there destiny to live there, or it might offer the promise of a new desirable lifestyle or the doorway to a new life with a partner and family. This might also be laced with the knowledge that it is in a desirable neighbourhood, be near the perfect school, or it could be the perfect rural retreat. There is no exact equation to work out the perfect home for someone, it could look perfect on paper, but if it doesn’t feel right, then it won’t be the one.
At the end of the day what ever drew you to love your home doesn’t really matter, as if you love your home it will invariably make you feel content and happy which will have a positive effect on all the other areas of your life.  
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