Bring your kitchen up to date with 2018 design trends…

January 15th 2018
By: Melanie
Bring your kitchen up to date with 2018 design trends…

One of the best ways to enhance your home and possibly add value is to replace an outdated kitchen. The kitchen for home owners and buyers a like is one of the most important rooms in a house. 

So if you are thinking about buying a new one or simply updating an existing one by adding a few key design ideas here is what’s in fashion for 2018. 

This year kitchen trends are all about eclectic mixes of textures, patterns and colours, the industrial theme will continue to be popular in kitchen design. Consumers according to the furniture manufacturers Schmidt are becoming much braver when it comes to mixing up different cupboards and materials in their kitchens. 

Natural materials such as wood, concrete, and metals will feature on work tops and splash backs. Marble has also had some what of a come back. Kitchen islands, even two in large kitchens remain ever popular. 

Highly patterned tiles, the type that we would have seen in a 60’s kitchen have had a come back with a modern twist. 

How to bring your current kitchen up to date?

If you want to bring a white kitchen up to date then you can add some bold pops of colour such as bright yellows into tiles and accessories you could also introduce it in a kitchen island. 

Shelving is also a good technique to break up a block of kitchen units instantly giving a kitchen more of a designed feel - paint the shelves and wall behind in peachy pink to bring it bang up to date. Pastels such as pinks, yellows, blue and greens also work really well when accompanied by coal blue, one of the most popular colour choices and black units. Matt units are more popular than their high gloss predecessors. 

Invest in the best

Accessories incorporating brass and chrome will lead the way in 2018. Homeowners who want to push their cooking skills will invest in new systems such as a vapour oven by Neff which is said to tenderise cooking. Top end appliances also remain popular with buyers so if you are developing a top end property then it is a good idea invest in the best. 

All in all 2018 kitchen design looks at bringing a cosy feel into kitchen design a real contrast to the past decade.