Braintree Landlords – Do You Know What Tenants Want?

April 12th 2021
By: Intercounty
Braintree Landlords – Do You Know What Tenants Want?

While being a landlord is a rewarding role, it can be challenging. There are many tasks to take care of, and of course, at Intercounty, we are here to assist you.

It is vital you connect with tenants, and you need to know what they are looking for in rental accommodation.

We are pleased to say we know the market well in Braintree. We work closely with landlords and tenants, which provides us with useful insight into how the market is faring.

We also keep in touch with the latest market news and studies. If you want to make the right choice which helps you connect with tenants, get in touch, and we will take care of you.

Fresh study shines a light on what tenants require

A study by Ascend Property uncovered the following responses:

  • 83% of respondents said they would pay in rental fees for a property which me their needs

  • 81% of respondents said they don’t think the current rental market stock is capable of meeting needs

What issues do tenants have?

There was a follow-up question which asked why respondents felt this way, and the responses were as follows:

  • 24% of respondents didn’t there was enough garden or outdoor space

  • A further 20% said the rental property was too small inside the accommodation

  • 19% of respondents complained about a lack of parking

  • 10% of respondents moaned about a lack of natural light

  • 10% of respondents complained about a lack of privacy

What matters to tenants?

While it is important to hear what tenants dislike about rental property, it is also crucial to know what tenants like or what they want to see. The following responses were received:

  • 26% of respondents said the price of the rental property was the most important factor

  • This was closely followed by the quality of life in a home and area

  • Location of the rental property was cited by 23% of respondents

  • 20% of respondents said size was vital for finding a good rental property

  • 14% of respondents said the availability of outside space was crucial

A previous study by Ascend suggested:

  • Build To Rent (BTR) stock had increased by 135% since 2017

  • This is a clear indicator of the rapid growth of the sector

  • However, BTR is still new, and only accounts for 1% of rental stock

Therefore, many tenants remain unaware of what BTR is, and how it might be of benefit to them

Ged McPartlin, Managing Director of Ascend Properties, said: “It’s hardly a surprise that so many tenants are still unaware of the build-to-rent sector although we’ve made some considerable headway in just a few short years. What’s also clear is that many renters feel that traditional rental stock simply doesn’t meet their needs and with more of us renting for longer, they want a property that is better suited to the modern-day world.”

Ged McPartlin continued by saying; “This has been the driving force behind the build-to-rent sector and the provision of properties that residents want to live in, rather than make do with. The combination of privacy, community, modern-day living standards, amenities and space are the foundations of all build-to-rent developments and our research shows residents are also happy to pay more for a place they love to live within.”

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