Braintree Family Homes Are In Great Demand

May 28th 2021
By: Intercounty
Braintree Family Homes Are In Great Demand

At Intercounty, we know there has been considerable demand for property in and around the local area. Prospective buyers in Braintree have been coming to us, looking for property, and it is no surprise. This is a fantastic area, and we believe Braintree is an excellent setting for families.

It turns out we are not the only people who think like this. A recent study carried out by Zoopla places Braintree at the top of locations where buying the most popular sized three-bedroom homes has surged in popularity.

House buyers want more space

This isn’t a surprise. The events of the past year have left many households looking for more space, and larger family homes are in huge demand. People are also looking for homes in a great location that have outdoor garden space.

The property in and around Braintree fits the bill perfectly, and the findings highlighted by Zoopla chime with what we have seen in the local area.

A 107% rise for family homes in Braintree

According to Zoopla, demand for family homes in Braintree has risen by 107%. This is classed as the largest growth in demand for these homes in the country. Zoopla lists the average price of a home in Braintree as £308,000.

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Braintree leads the way

The other areas making up the top three locations, behind Braintree, for demand for family homes are:

  • Monmouthshire in Wales, where demand rose by 103%

  • Knowsley in Merseyside, where demand rose by 96%

With Zoopla claiming three-bedrooms homes are the most desirable style of property today, it says something for the standard of life in Braintree that these are the most desirable properties of this type. If you are looking for more information about the local housing market in Braintree, we are more than happy to assist you.

Gráinne Gilmore, of Zoopla. said: “The "search for space" among homeowners in the wake of several lockdowns has made family houses highly desirable in the market. These houses usually have a garden and can offer an extra bedroom which can be used as a home office. The demand for this type of home means that supply is becoming more constrained, especially in areas within the wider commuter zone of larger cities and more rural areas.”

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