Bike Storage Solutions For Your Home…

August 14th 2012
By: Melanie

Where and how to store bikes in an average family home can be a problem as they are so bulky. If you put them in the garage, you probably won’t be able to fit in the family car, or the other household paraphernalia associated with family life, so bike storage can always be a bit of an issue, and putting them in the garden shed, unless you have a supersized one will probably take up the entire space.

However after taking a look around on the web there are some interesting solutions to bike storage:

A great alternative for a high ceilings such as a garage would be a Racor Ceiling Mounted bike lift, available on-line, but you will need to buy one for each bike, they retail at £38.00 each. The hoists are sturdy making it easy to hoist the bikes up towards the ceiling, however the cords are quite flimsy and would probably only be suitable for occasional use, such as in winter months when they are used less.

A Raleigh wall mounted storage system can hold three bikes at a time, and is much cheaper than some of the other alternatives with an average retail price on line of £13.48, it keeps the bikes off the ground, and it can be stored flat. But it still takes up a lot of space, and lifting the bikes on and off could be quite difficult if they have heavy frames.

Space saving 2 cycle gravity bike stand, saves quite a bit of space as it stores the bikes vertically, it is light weight, and retails at £19.99, however the design of the rack means that the bikes touch each other when in storage, it needed to be designed just 10 cm longer.

Bike Cave, this is a tent like system which you can erect in your garden, and is an excellent space saver if you want to keep your garage and home clutter free, it retails at £39.99, and it can house up to 3 bikes, but you must ensure that you fasten the pegs down properly as it might take off if it gets windy.

Our favourite bike storage alternative is the Cycloc bike storage system, perhaps just as we find it so aesthetically pleasing. This storage system offers a good alternative for people who live in a terraced house or flat, as the bikes sit flat against the wall.

The Cycloc storage system is made from strong plastic, and is very contemporary and available in 4 different colours, including red, green, black and white. They can be used inside the home or in garage, and they can also fit elegantly into a small hallway, they are the most expensive at £59.99, but they would make any home look really cool, please take a look at the picture, or visit their website at for more information.