Beds In Sheds, Slough Borough Council Find Over 6,000 Suspicious Cases...

August 8th 2013
By: Melanie

Slough Borough council became suspicious of unscrupulous landlords renting out outbuildings to tenants across their borough, and since a recent investigation have found over 6,000 suspicious sheds have been omitting heat at night.

The council sent up a thermal imaging plane several times at a cost of £24,000 to create a 3D thermal imaging map of the area to try and find out where tenants have been living illegally at the bottom of people's gardens.

Using this heat source information the council managed to pin point the houses that looked as though they had been renting out accommodation illegally, and since the start of their on-the-ground investigation have found that tenants have been living in shed like accommodation that does not meet basic building or fire regulations.

Landlords who have been caught renting out 'beds in sheds' will be fined a £200 plus they could also face having their outbuildings demolished by the council. The council has promised that tenants found to be living in these outbuildings will receive alternative places to live, and the Government has also given Slough Borough Council extra funding to improve conditions of houses in multiple occupancy and to reduce the number of beds in sheds.

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