Beat Those Post-Christmas Blues…

December 18th 2014
By: Melanie

If you are feeling down after the Christmas period then you will be among many of us who feel down each January and February, and it’s hardly surprising after a month of parties and the exciting anticipation associated with the festive season. Especially if it didn’t go according to plan and you have been left feeling sluggish after eating and drinking too much and have now have been left paying off your spend for the foreseeable future.  

Instead of reaching out for those high-carb, highly saturated foods, try and go for something which will make your body and mind feel better. Check out our article The best way to detox this New Year – because if your body feels good then so will your mind.

Think about embracing the New Year, by looking into starting a new hobby, check out your local area for courses and workshops.

Getting fit is a great way to improve body and mind, and if you don't want to pay out for gym membership check out this link out Getting Fit - Forget Joining The Gym, And Do It From The Comfort Of Your Own Home. People in the UK spend hundreds each year on gym memberships that they never use, by putting a running machine or cycle in your living room and combining it into your TV time it could be a great way of getting fit, whilst enjoying your favourite programme. If you have already bought some home equipment and don’t use it, then drag it out of its hiding place and give it another go.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by financial issues then the best way to cope is often by writing down your financial obligations. Taking control of your income and expenditure is often the only way to really get ahead financially. The MoneySavingExpert is packed full of money saving tips, and ways in which you can better manage your finances.  

An important thing to remember is that you are not alone, many people feel down and depressed after the festive period, and by confiding in someone you trust could also give you some comfort.