Bbq's – We Check Out Some Alternatives…

June 11th 2015
By: Melanie
Bbq's – We Check Out Some Alternatives…

It’s lovely to be able to be cooking outdoors at last, with so many BBQ’s available both on-line and in stores we checked out some of the more unusal BBQ’s available to buy on-line:

The Eco Grill BBQ:

This is one of the most unusual and also the cheapest we came across with a retail price of £10 from Not on the High Street website, however it is disposable, but we thought it was worth listing as it does offer versatility in the fact that you can easily transport it and use it anywhere. As per the featured photo.

It states that the eco-grill is a beautifully crafted natural product that will appeal to anyone who enjoys cooking and spending time outdoors. It comes from the Nordic tradition of burning tree stumps now used for cooking, heating and smoking food. For more information please visit:


Flat plate BBQ’s or planchas are becoming more popular, as they are easy to cook on, especially if you would like to cook fish without it sticking to the grates, they are also very easy to clean. Although having cooked on one it could be argued that the taste of the food is much the same as when you cook it using a traditional hob.

We found this flat plate BBQ available on the web from<>, it retails at £205.99, it has 3 gas burners, a Stainless steel plate and it is also portable.

Smoker BBQ:

If you are looking for a BBQ that gives a bit more flavour than a gas BBQ then we found this smoker on the Planet BBQ website, it’s a great way to enjoy smoked food.

It comes complete with chimney, front shelf and temperature gauge. With a retail price of £169.00 they have a special offer available at the moment for £30 off. For more information please visit their website