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BBQ – Gas or Coal?

May 5th 2016
By: Melanie
BBQ – Gas or Coal?

Winter feels as though it’s finally retreating – so it’s time to get outdoors and start enjoying eating alfresco. There’s nothing more enjoyable than firing up a barbeque and eating outdoors, but what type of BBQ will you consider, coal or gas? It’s a difficult decision as both have pros and cons.

The biggest appeal to a gas barbeque is that it’s very convenient – you can fire it up and start cooking on it straightaway. The only problem is that they are often more expensive and don’t always give that real authentic BBQ taste that many of us are looking for. They are also usually more cumbersome because of the gas bottle. I used to be really anti-gas BBQ’s but I haven’t really noticed much difference in the end result – and it’s much easier to regulate the temperature during the cooking process. Plus it involves less planning as it’s very instant.

It’s possible to buy a coal BBQ for around £10-£100 and they do appear to have all of the cooking options you will need, but they are often made from cheap materials and are not very durable, so it might be worth spending a bit more money on something that will last longer. If you are going to be cooking for a family of up to six people, then generally a two-gas burner or medium sized coal burner will cook everything you need.

The consumer group ‘Which?’, explains what you will need to cook up a feast:

Roasting - It’s possible to roast whole joints of meat on some gas and charcoal barbecues. If you like the idea of roasting food you’ll need to choose a model that has a tight-fitting hood. Griddle or hot plate

Gas barbecues can have a griddle or hot plate as well as a standard grill. This feature is great for searing steaks and frying lean cuts of meat, steak or vegetables. You can even use it to fry eggs.

Side burner - some gas barbecues come with a side burner instead of a side storage shelf. This can be useful if you like to boil or steam vegetables or heat up barbecue sauces.

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