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Are you looking to buy a quirky property?

May 16th 2018
By: Melanie
Are you looking to buy a quirky property?

If you are property buyer looking to purchase a quirky house then there are quite a few around the UK partly due to its diverse history through the centuries. 

One very popular type of conversion is a barn conversion. Barns up and down the country have been turned into beautiful homes over the past few decades. Some barns in the past were turned into Oast houses to be used as kilns to dry out hops for the brewing process for beer, which makes them a good example of Vernacular architecture.

Their distinctive conical roof was originally designed to increase draught to dry out the hops faster.  If you have noticed some difference in the shape of Oast houses, that's because, at the turn of the 19th Century, the older square ones were replaced by round kilns as they were said to be more efficient. 

Architecturally Oast houses tend to have higher ceiling heights and wall shapes, which really can make a unique home. 

If you would like to live in an unusual property then Intercounty Saffron Walden has a beautifully recently converted, three bedroom Oast House for sale in Newport. Developed in 2012 the property provides the perfect blend of contemporary and old. The kitchen and dining room as expected in this type of house has really high ceilings and doorways enhancing the amount of natural light coming into the property. 

The property looks stylish inside and out as the current owners have put a modern twist on the decor, which gives the whole place a retro-chic feel. They have also used a neutral colour palette throughout which has been complemented with blue pops of colour, so a buyer could easily move in and just add their own colour if they wanted to. 

If you would like to find out more about this unusual family home then why not check out the website or call Intercounty on 01799 522641.