Are Moths Causing Damage In Your Home?

November 14th 2012
By: Melanie

This year in the UK we have seen a surge in damage caused by an unwanted pest – the moth. Moths are fairly undetectable until they have caused considerable damage to your home, wrecking carpets, rugs and your clothes if they manage to nest.
So how can you prevent this?
The first thing to do is to get rid of moths as soon as you see them flying around, if you find one then there will probably be more. They love to rest in places where they will not be disturbed such as cupboards and under furniture.
If you have already experienced some damage from moths in your carpets, this will appear in the weave of your carpet, in straight lines, you might even be able to see your carpets underlay.
To get rid of them from your carpets, vacuum the entire carpet, with a good vacuum cleaner, moving out all furniture and vacuuming from East to West and North to South, use your vacuums crevice tool to get into the corners. Then vacuum every two days for a couple of weeks.
One way to get rid of moths from your wardrobe is to spray clothes with a moth repellant. Before storing clothes, wash and iron them, storing them in air-tight bags if possible. If you would like to try some natural anti-moth products you could put dry lavender, mint leaves, or a bag of mixed herbs such as Cloves, Thyme, Ginseng and Rosemary into your cupboards.
If you still find you are experiencing a problem with moths then you will probably need to call in a professional cleaning or pest control company.