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Are April Showers Ruining Your Lawn?

April 24th 2014
By: Melanie

It’s at this time of year when we can finally get out in the garden and plan some of our summer boarders, cut the grass and spend a bit more time outside. However if you are finding your grass is suffering from being water logged have you ever considered replacing it will artificial grass?
Popularity for this maintenance free grass has been growing over the past few years, and with it the choice of plastic grass available in the market place. Artificial grass looks like real grass, but its weed free and you won’t need to mow it. It is also guaranteed to stay in top condition for five years, even with patter of children and mess from pets.
Watering your lawn to save it from going yellow will also be a thing of the past - all you will need to is to wash it down now and again to keep it looking at it’s best.
There are several different companies offering plastic grass on line, one of the most comprehensive sites we found on line is Artificial Grass Ltd. They state on their website that they are the only UK manufacturer of fake grass selling directly to the domestic and landscaping sectors. If you would like to try before you buy you can also request some samples to be sent through to you.
They offer six main types of synthetic grass from Lifestyle Elite, which is their most expensive to Lifestyle City perfect for balconies and conservatories. To find out more about their range why not visit their website.