Are All Homeowners Looking For A Change In Scenery?

February 5th 2021
By: Intercounty
Are All Homeowners Looking For A Change In Scenery?

It is easy to see why the media focus has fallen on property owners looking to move from the city to more rural areas.

With remote working offering employees a greater sense of freedom where they live, many households have embraced the idea of moving to the countryside.

Also, the lockdown period has left many people re-evaluating what is important to them. Open space and clear skies are appealing, so again, there are valid reasons why people are keen to leave the city and move to a rural area.

However, rather than suggesting everyone wants to live in the countryside, it might be a case that everyone is looking for a change of scenery.

A new study by Aviva, which spoke to 6,000 people living in a rural or semi-rural setting creates a different viewpoint on the property market. There is even a suggestion that people living in a rural area are keener to move than people living in a suburban setting.

Moving home appeals to many people right now

52% of respondents living in a rural setting, and 53% of respondents living in a semi-rural location say they would like to move to a new home in a different area. This is higher than the proportion (39%) for people living in urban or suburban areas.

It turns out people living in a rural or semi-rural setting are looking to move to an area with more facilities.

31% of rural dwellers would be happy to move to a semi-rural location while 30% of people living in a semi-rural setting would like to move to a suburban area.

It could well be the case that people are tired, and would like to change their surroundings. When you consider everything that has happened in the past year, this would be understandable.

Why do people want to move?

For the people looking to move to a rural or semi-rural setting, the following reasons were given:

A better quality of life for themselves, family and children were said by 42% of respondents looking at rural living and 36% of respondents looking at semi-rural living.

Better health benefits through lower pollution were cited by 37% of respondents looking to move to a rural setting and 28% of people looking to move to a semi-rural setting.

For people looking to move to a more urban setting, the following features were listed:

  • A better social life said by 23% of respondents

  • Improved facilities, said by 22% of respondents

  • Transport links, named by 22% of respondents

Gareth Hemming, MD for Personal Lines, Aviva says: “Our research shows a disparity between what we might expect to see and the world as it actually is. As more people and businesses have adapted to home-working, this might suggest that people may want to move out of city locations. But the full picture is much more complicated and many people are hoping to move around for a wide variety of reasons, with some planning to move into more urban spaces.”

Gareth continued by saying; “As people move around, it’s important that they review their home insurance to make sure it covers their new circumstances. And at Aviva, as people’s home requirements change, our insurance products are evolving too. So, wherever customers choose to live, we hope to have a solution to meet their needs.”

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