An Essential Guide To Moving Home For The First-Time Buyer…

March 26th 2013
By: Melanie
An Essential Guide To Moving Home For The First-Time Buyer…

Moving home for the first time normally holds a mixture of excitement and anxiousness. So we have put together a first-time buyers guide:

Once you have made the initial negotiations on your new home, you will then receive memorandum of sale and property information forms. It’s at this stage that your mortgage applications will be being processed and conveyancers are preparing draft contracts, it may feel like it has gone quiet. This is normal and usually lasts for about 10 days. Don't worry all the work is being done behind the scenes.

Mortgage valuations will then take place, including a survey of your new home. Once this has been done then you should receive your mortgage offer within about 5-10 days.

Your conveyancer will then receive the other party’s draft contracts and will then do all of the relevant searches and enquiries on your behalf. Once this has been done, and no problems are flagged, and you have successfully received your mortgage offer, then you will be ready to approve your contract. Once this has been done you will then need to organise your deposit for exchange. All of this would normally take between 6-8 weeks

After signing the draft contracts you will need to plan ahead. About 4 weeks before your moving date you will need to sort out any removal companies. If you call around early you will normally be able to achieve a better price. Contact a few companies to get the best price, and check out internet reviews, if you are living in rented accommodation you will also need to hand in your notice. Contact your insurance provider to make sure your items are covered in the move.

Three weeks before your move – you will need to tell all of your utility, service providers and local council about your move, this could be a lengthy process.

Two weeks before your moving date, you will need to think about ordering boxes or asking shops to put them aside. If you are ordering boxes from the internet, try and make sure they are good quality, as otherwise you might find they fall apart during the removal process. Arrange for any pets to be taken care of during the move.

De-clutter your home, try and sort out anything you won’t need, you could sell them on any of the on-line resale sights, or take any unwanted items to your local charity shop. Wrap up any unessential items.

One week from your move – create a box of essential items – these are items you will need up until the day of your move, such as a kettle, tea and coffee items, any moving documents.

Pack the rest of your things – if possible try and take apart any beds/large furniture and so fourth, the day before.

Once the removal van has been packed then you will need to clean and check the house to make sure you haven’t left anything. If you are renting a house your will need to arrange for the carpets to be cleaned by a professional cleaning company, before handing back the keys. You will also need to take meter readings at your current property and at your new property – make sure you put them in a safe place, as you may need to refer to these at a later date.

When you arrive at your new property it will probably be best to leave the unpacking until the next day, to give you time to do any extra cleaning and to enjoy your new home.

If you need any help planning or during your move then just pop into your local branch of Intercounty, and one of our team will be happy to help.