A photo is worth a thousand words

November 13th 2017
By: Melanie
A photo is worth a thousand words

If you are thinking about selling your property it’s vital to make sure that you use a professional photographer, although photos will not sell your property on their own they will play a vital role in selling it. 

According to recent research by HSBC the UK are the global leaders when it comes to searching property online, with 93% of UK home buyers using the internet to search for a property.

First impressions are essential, so if a homebuyer doesn’t like the photos of property then they will just move onto the next one. A good photograph will also conjure up positive emotions associated with buying a new home.

A professional photographer will make sure that they take all of the best angles of your home, and in the best possible light conditions as this will ensure that your home’s best features are brought out. If a property is empty then it’s a good idea to use some furniture to create a stage when taking the photographs. A professional photographer will also have a good understanding of making sure that a photo is well composed, how best to fill the space, how to create the best photographic lines and where to stay in focus – and it doesn’t stop there, when they get back to the studio they will also make sure that they choose the best photographs.

That’s why at Intercounty we have employed the services of a professional photographer to ensure that your home looks at its best for a sale.