A move to the country will it make me happier?

January 18th 2018
By: Melanie
A move to the country will it make me happier?

The lure of moving to the country in search of happiness is something that most of us contemplate when starting a family or getting into our 30’s. It’s usually about searching for a different lifestyle one which promises a slower pace of life with the bonus of still being an a buzz, but a calmer type of life that living in the capital cannot always deliver. 

It’s also about finding a better value property, which in return can give us a better lifestyle as paying less on a monthly mortgage can give us more dispensable income. Easy commutes from places in Essex and Herts means that people can have the best of both worlds, a more affordable lifestyle backed up by City wages. 

Small market towns such as Saffron Walden offer the best of both worlds, an easy commute from Audley End Station of just under and hour whilst having some of the best schools in the UK, and bustling town life with, good old fashion pubs such as the Old English Gentleman, where you feel as though you have gone back centuries not decades when you walk through the door, coffee shops and independent retailers with a sprinkling of national retailers. The perfect place to unwind after a busy week in the City. That’s not all there’s great accessibility to the countryside and Cambridge.

Meeting your expectations

However moving to the countryside is all about meeting the expectations of your own needs and fulfilling your dreams. If you aspire to living off the land from your own vegetable garden, working from home, but having access to quaint market towns. Then considering moving to villages such as Thaxted or Dunmow might be a better choice as there are plenty of properties on the outskirts whilst retaining there sense of community because of the local commerces. 

The best way to decide whether a move to the country would make you happier is to do some research, work out what you could afford and where you would like to cut back. Do you want to move to buy or rent a larger property to commute or do you want a complete lifestyle change. Write a list of pros and cons, and try and back it up with figures, visit the places you are considering moving to and pop into the local shops and pubs to get a feel of the local community, look at community boards to see how much is going on in the village or town you are considering. 

If you would like more help making a move the country why not pop into your local branch of Intercounty for a chat and a coffee.