A house ripe for a loft conversion

January 15th 2020
By: Intercounty
A house ripe for a loft conversion

Extending your home by adding a loft conversion can be one of the most economical ways in which to add space and value. An average loft conversion will cost you between £15,00 and £55,000. The Nationwide building society has stated that by adding a loft conversion could add 20% value to your home. If you are doing this purely to add value make sure you do your figures, invite a local agent such as Intercounty to value your property and how much value they think it would add minus the costs of the conversion. 

It usually takes between 7-8 weeks to complete a loft conversion depending on the complexities of your roof structure, if this will need to be changed or modified. The great thing about a small loft conversion is the fact that the roof structure stays the same, you can always add Velux windows, and some have been cleverly designed to create a small platform or balcony where you can enjoy the view if you have one. The downside to adding a Velux style window and not dormers is that if you have heavy rain this can sometimes keep you awake at night time and also some can be difficult to look out of, which can be frustrating. 

If you are looking to buy a house which already comes with planning permission then Intercounty Harlow has this property with valid planning permission for a loft conversion.