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6 Ways To Save Energy In Your Home….

September 9th 2013
By: Acquarone

Now that we are settling into autumn we will be thinking about how to prepare for the colder months, so we have put together 6 ways in which you can improve the energy consumption throughout winter:

• Insulate your loft space - if you haven’t done so already you could save £180 on your annual energy bill. To find out more about how to insulate your home, and the best place to buy insulation please visit the Which? website:

• Is the flooring in your home made from a hard surface such as wood, tiles or vinyl? If so you could be loosing heat under the skirting boards, so think about putting down a few rugs, this will help to stop your heating escaping, as the rugs will absorb the energy, keeping you nice and warm.

• Try turning down your heating thermostat by a couple of degrees, the ideal temperature is 21c, if you turn your thermostat down by even 1 degree you could save 5% on your annual heating bill. You could always put on an extra jumper.

• Boiling a kettle consumes a great deal of electricity, according to the Energy Saving Trust, by overfilling a kettle we waste £68 million per year on electricity in the UK. If you have a wood burning stove, try boiling water on there, or fill a cup up with water to measure the amount of water you need, and if you have any excess then pop it into a thermos flask for next time.

• Try to stop drafts by using draft insulation tape around your doors and windows, lining your curtains, and closing your curtains at dusk can also save money on energy bills.

• Consider changing energy suppliers, if you haven’t changed for a while you could save up to £300 per year on your energy bills, check out a comparison sites such as

• Government schemes: You could be eligible to the warm home discount scheme where you can apply for £135 off your winter electricity bill, to find out more information on this please visit, this payment will not affect your cold weather payment or Winter fuel payment.